I make works on paper that range from intimate to landscape scale that are comprised of dense nets of loop-like marks.  Whether hand-held or stretching across a gallery floor the drawings are at once intimate and monumental, human and fallible gestures, made with everyday tools such as pens and acrylic paint.  The accretions of marks, in dialogue with minimalism and the language of data processing, act as screens or interferences gridding ethereal and trance like mists of color.  The drawings are an environment of uninterrupted stimulation, a mass amnesia of marks, courting the awe and reductive capacity of space exploration and interplanetary infatuation.  

Here mark making is an optical elegy to writing when all paper and digital memory are ephemeral pulp. The loops—cheerful, anti-heroic gestures—are folded indicating where the paper has lived, traveled, or aged.  The marks, incessant and reverent writing, or obsessive and mechanized weaving, are at once stable, marred, noisy, staccato, and inconsistent.

Recently, colors referring to ethers of sunsets and atmospheres of dawn posit a space that demarcates a time without time, or a landscape without gravity.  In this place, artificial light charges UV sensitive paint, the fulgor of stars spinning in space simultaneously set and rise circling in their orbits and neon glows in the distance.  I cajole glare, brightness, white outs and refraction to investigate the optical phenomenology of light for a futuristic archeology and a fictional science, space where skies are empty, flooded, starless, and a glow.



Lindsey Landfried lives and works in State College, PA.  Her work has been exhibited recently at Momenta Art, Temporary Storage, Tiger Strikes Asteroid NY, SPACE Gallery of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Mississippi State University, and Space 4 Art: San Diego.  Landfried was a 2014-15 recipient of a Pollock-Krasner award and a 2013 fellow of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for artistic practice.  She has completed residencies at the MacDowell Colony, Vermont Studio Center, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and Takt Kunstraum Tapir Berlin. Featured in New American Paintings and winner of the 2015 jurors award at the UNC Asheville Works on Paper Biennial, she is represented by KWADRAT Berlin and Galleri Urbane Dallas Texas.