Caroline Lathan-Stiefel’s delicately-webbed “drawings-in-space” cover, divide, encircle, and fill spaces, affecting viewers both physically and visually. Since 2000, she has worked with lightweight textile materials and commonplace objects, such as wire, pipe cleaners, fabric, found plastic, netting, and fishing weights, to create large-scale sculptural installations that play with weight and mass, creating pattern, color and light.  Recently she also began to incorporate cast and welded metal and neon into her body of work. Lathan-Stiefel is inspired, in part, by the movement and growth of systems- in particular biological (marine, plant, animal, human) and architectural systems



In  1989,  Lathan-Stiefel  earned  a  bachelor’s  degree  in  visual  arts  from  Brown  University in  Providence, Rhode Island, and returned to Atlanta  where  she  set up  a  studio  space and  worked  three  part-time  jobs.  She  married  a  musician  and  composer,  Van  Stiefel, and  they  moved  to  Princeton,  New  Jersey,  so  he  could get  his  PhD.  She  received an MFA  from  Portland’s  Maine  Collage  of  Art  in  2001.  She  now  lives  and  works  in  Kennett Square,  Pennsylvania,  where  she  also teaches  art  classes  twice  a  week  at the  school her  two  children  attend.  

Her  work  has  been  exhibited  across  the  country,  including  at  Diana  Lowenste in  Fine  Arts  in  Miami,  Florida;  the  Contemporary  in  Baltimore,  Maryland;  Tiger  Strikes  Astroid and  the  Philadelphia  Art  Alliance  in  Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania;  the  Delaware  Center  for  the  Contemporary  Arts  in  Wilmington;  Suyama  Space  in  Seattle,  Washington;  Galerie  Articule  in  Montreal,  Quebec;  and  the  Atlanta  Contemporary  Art  Center  and  Sandler  Hudson  Gallery  in  Atlanta,  Georgia. Lathan-Stiefel is represented by Galleri Urbane.