Artist Statement

My work explores the relationship between physical spaces and the objects we fill them with. Often focusing on typical domestic decor and household ornaments, the work makes these inherently empty objects into simplified symbols and patterns that can then be rearranged and compressed to carry a formal sensibility. Currently, my work has concerned the idea of the painting as ornament, with stock subjects of landscape, still life, and portraiture becoming knickknacks. I distill, consolidate, and appropriate the overwhelming amount of generic design aesthetic in the commercial decor market when working. Rather than fight the inherent kitschiness of this visual language, I embrace the imagery so the work can, in turn, become a critique of the subject it is representing. 

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Stephen D’Onofrio is a contemporary visual artist focused in painting. His work is characterized by an interest in the home decor market, the mass commodification of art, and the generic visual language that accompanies commercial design. He received his MFA from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2016 and his work has been placed in numerous private and public collections since. D’Onofrio has lived and worked in Philadelphia since being awarded an artist residency in the city at Jasper Studios in 2017.


Stephen D’Onofrio


Ready to Print (2017)

Market Research (2019) View Exhibition


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