The Love Lives of Stone,  2019, installation view

The Love Lives of Stone, 2019, installation view

Melinda Laszczynski

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Artist Statement

I am a compulsive collector of things that have potential. My studio is filled with materials I’m sure are magical- pink lumber, gold vinyl fabric, a baby pool shaped like a crab, scraps of acrylic paint peeled from the insides of jars. I’m partial to shiny stuff, bright colors, and everyday things from the dollar store. Most of these suggest a narrative, or have a contradictory quality- a deflated smiley face balloon at half mast, or a pile of cassette tape strewn in the grass, imagined as a mix tape tossed out the window after a break up.

A similar tension occurs in my paintings. I use disparate materials such as spray paint, linen, craft items, and thick, decadent acrylic sprinkled with glitter. Sometimes the paintings are sculptural, or used as shelves to hold other paintings. Mostly, their marks hover in between spaces, inviting you in, only to flatten back out.

My ceramics work is a natural extension of my paintings. Clay is a balance of alchemy and anticipation, a push and pull between manipulation and the (at times merciless) nature of the material. It holds onto that memory of manipulation, whether a touch of the hand or a glaze, a hazy but persistent layer til the end. It’s romantic, made of literal earth, fire, and minerals. When I make these sculptures, I think of cakes rising and falling, bodies pushing against one another, and new growthpushing through organic forms. Layers of texture and color spill out and fight for air. Overall, my studio practice is playful and tactile.


Melinda Laszczynski received her MFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Houston in 2015 and her BFA in Painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2010. She isan interdisciplinary artist working from a painting and collage background. She often uses found materials and objects, like lenticular prints, and is partial to the shiny, bright, and absurd. Her studio practice is playful, tactile, and reflective of contemporary experiences. She has participated in group shows at multiple venues across Texas, including Galveston Artists Residency (Galveston), Inman Gallery (Houston), and was included in the 2015 Amarillo Museum of Art sculpture biennial. Her work is included in the collections of University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio, and UT Tyler in Tyler, Texas. Laszczynski was featured in New American Paintings MFA Annual #111 (2014) and #123 (2016). She currently lives and works in Houston, TX

Selected Works