I’m Going Hunting,  2018, installation view

I’m Going Hunting, 2018, installation view

Loring Taoka


Upcoming Solo Show: February 2020

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Counteract (2018)

Soft Edge (2016)


Artist Statement

My work is an exploration on the digital and the physical. These spaces have become inextricably linked in theory and practice with ideas about truth and authenticity, the known and unknown, and perception serving as a common thread. Through this process, I look to the ways in which I am read and identified, the ways in which I identify myself, and work to abstract these notions.

Geometry is employed as point of departure, using a universal visual language that I distort, undo, or alter. These semi-dimensional images are isolated and decontextualized to look at the ways in which information can convey multiple and/or opposing meanings. The illustory tactic of translating the digital into the physical complicates how these images and surfaces are read while remaining solidified wholes. The fluctuation of being seen as one or the other allows the work to move in a loop between both realms.

Often times, what is deemed as real or fake, true or false, falls within relativistic terms; our point of view and the information we are given may be insufficient, however true to us it is. I see much of what I do as an exploration on the periphery, the place where boundaries or edges become blurred, and what we see is not easily decipherable. I want to push that grey area by creating imagery that is simultaneously concise and exacting, convoluted and muddied.


Loring Taoka (b. 1986) is a visual artist utilizing a variety of approaches and techniques to explore notions of vagueness and authenticity. Taoka’s work questions the act of perception and what happens when we are presented with precise, yet ambiguous information. His work has been featured in numerous venues such as Western Exhibitions (Chicago, IL), CES Gallery (Los Angeles, CA), and New American Paintings.

Selected Works