My work is an extension or exploration on the act of perception--the lines of demarcation are only contextual. Basic geometry serves as a point of departure and I distort its qualifiers to change, undo, and muddy how it is interpreted. Two- and three-dimensionality is isolated and decontextualized to heighten and alter that experience. 

Realistic renderings of virtual imagery into physical space allows for an environment to be created where visual information fluctuates between real and fake. I investigate how we reconcile a single thing’s ability to be composed of ambiguous and contradictory parts, while still remaining a solidified whole.

-Loring Taoka 


Loring Taoka (b. 1986) is a visual artist utilizing a variety of approaches and techniques to explore notions of vagueness and authenticity. Taoka’s work questions the act of perception and what happens when we are presented with precise, yet ambiguous information. His work has been featured in numerous venues such as Western Exhibitions (Chicago, IL), CES Gallery (Los Angeles, CA), and New American Paintings.


Loring Toaka


I’m Going Hunting (2018)

Counteract (2018)

Soft Edge (2016)


Selected Work