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Artist Statement

Through my creative practice, I examine the ways in which identity and memory are transformed by the shifting boundaries of history and culture. My works include an investigation of retrofuturism, queer theory, the power of language, and the spiritual relationship between technology and the self.

In recent projects I ask: How are stories shared or silenced, and why? How might technology operate as performance, and how might it be used to create new forms of narrative?  Can my identity be expressed as an aesthetic quality?

Film and television allows experiences to be contained, labeled, and experienced at will. In early projects, I began staging, and re-organizing found text and footage to address how meaning is created and perceived in what Alison Landsberg best describes as “the private felt, public imagination.” As an artist, I consider film a form of time travel, moving across temporalities and space, mediating our relationships with each other and history. Within this belief, I use repetition and duration as a framework for abstraction.

My current series, “Tutti Frutti” is an immersive installation that includes; a collection of twenty-two blown glass fruit, scaled to the measurements of my body and my mother’s body, made while in residence at the Museum of Glass; a series of monographs; and a single channel video projection titled Boi with a Fruit Basket. From Eve’s apple to queer vernacular, I was inspired to make this work after researching the intersectional ways in which fruit has historically been used to feminize, criminalize, and sexualize the body. Gelatin, a fruit derivative, is a material I return to often in my work. Gelatin dates back to the 16th century and is tied to the space race, ammunition, the construct of the homemaker, and specific moments in American history.

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Liss LaFleur (born 1987) is a contemporary artist, activist, and educator based in Dallas, TX. Her research-driven artworks question current political, socio-cultural, and gender-based constructions of identity, with a particular emphasis on exploring the ways queerness and feminism are viewed in society. Her artworks include video, experimental animation, web art, performance, and installation.

 As a 2018 Immersive Scholar in Residence, funded by the Mellon Foundation at North Carolina State University, she used cultural analytics to research the #metoo movement and produce a new open-source artwork.

 Her artwork has been exhibited and screened extensively including presentations at the TATE Modern, Cannes Court Métrage, PBS, the Reykjavik Art Museum in Iceland, and the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art in South Korea. Her recent lectures include SXSW, the College Art Association, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and the MIT Media Lab, and her recent residencies include the National Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA, and Google Artist Services in Oakland, CA.

Selected Work