Faceted Line,  2015, installation view

Faceted Line, 2015, installation view

Gail Peter Borden

Gallery solo Exhibitions

Diverse Fields (2018) View Exhibition >>

Controlled Objects (2016)

Faceted Line (2015)

Surface Structures (2013)

Shallow Spaces (2010)

F BOfluence (2009)

Wallscapes (2005)

Shallow Fields (2005)


Artist Statement

I love what I can afford to love. 

My work investigates the relationship of material and process. Form and method are founded in the means by which a thing is made. 

My work negotiates the relationship between the manmade and the natural. Where something is made and what something is made out of effects the act of making. Matter is the substance of everything that exists. It emerges from the natural world with logics, physical attributes and systems that govern it. From erosion to food chains, growth patterns to land forms, the world is a physical realization of cause and effect. My interest lies in understanding these systems, and out of this understanding produce a revelation and expression of the often invisible physical constraints with harmonious structures (built or unbuilt). The addition of the mark through additive making generates a complimentary conversation. My hope is to produce place based proposals and small impromptu fabrications that are expressive engagements with the majesty of a contextual landscape. 

My work is founded in a synthetic vision of art and architecture, bridging between the experiential and emotively perceptual nature of art and the rational tectonics of formal systems. Focused on the relationship of the part to holistic form all in relation to the spatial and effectual result, my work, through drawing, painting, design proposals and installation is in search of experiential environments that emerge from the distinctness of a natural place and allow the viewer to fully immerse themselves in an experience to understand and focus on the place. Rooted in perception, the work compliments material abstraction to produce sensorial effect. The result is contextually derived interventions that facilitate viewing and experience. 


Gail Peter Borden attended Rice University, simultaneously receiving Bachelor of Arts degrees cum laude in fine arts, art history, and architecture. At Harvard University's Graduate School of Design he completed his Masters of Architecture with distinction. In addition to holding a tenured position as a Professor at the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design at the University of Houston, Borden is the Director of Graduate Programs and has served as the principal of Borden Partnership since 2002. His books: Material Precedent: The Typology of Modern Tectonics, 2010 (Wiley Press); Matter: Material Processes in Architectural Production, 2011 (Routledge); Principia: Architectural Principles of Material Form, 2013 (Pearson); Process: Material and Representation in Architecture, 2014 (Routledge); and New Essentialism: Material Architecture, 2018 (Applied Research & Design) all focus on materiality. In 2004, Borden received a residency from The Chianti Foundation in Marfa, Texas, culminating in the exhibition Spaceframes, where he was introduced to Galleri Urbane for the first time. Diverse Fields is Borden's fourth solo exhibition at Galleri Urbane. 

Selected Works