Language is a pattern, and we give power and meaning through naming things. In this body of work, I used pattern to layer text over itself, leaving an optical illusion that blurs the message, as if to imply that the work has already moved past the viewer.  We often accept banal, ordinary objects as they are, and don’t contemplate their connections between meaning, purpose and function. The meekness of mundane objects interests me. Found objects are decontextualized in combination with other materials, and small seemingly insignificant things are inflated by scanning and printing them larger than life.  


With scanned images and manipulated materials, Abby Sherrill narrates the memory of words through installation, drawing and sculpture. Her work examines the evolution of simplicity, and considers the ways in which we learn and define the world around us by playfully reflecting on the philosophy of the past. 

Abby Sherrill is a visual artist living and working in Denton, Texas. She has been included in group exhibitions at Galleri Urbane (Dallas), 500X (Dallas) and Rudolph Blume Fine Art (Houston). She recently completed a residency at Vermont Studio Center. Sherrill holds an MFA in Fibers from the University of North Texas, where she currently works as an Art Technician.