Citrus Snug Series (Summer '18) Turmeric, 2018

Citrus Snug Series (Summer '18) Turmeric, 2018


Samantha McCurdy

Citrus Snug Series (Summer '18) Turmeric, 2018

Wood, Spandex, Latex

56h x 9w x 6.25d in

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Substituting traditional canvas for thin, stretchable spandex, the works call to mind form-fitting attributes of yoga pants or a swimsuit. Hidden behind the painted stretched fabric, each painting conceals spherical objects that bulge beyond the confines of the rectangular frame. Painted in vivid tones of orange and pink, or a nude that more directly alludes to a human figure, viewers are enticed to imagine what remains concealed. Tightly arranged, each work’s protrusions extend to its neighbor and seemingly reach for physical contact but ultimately never overstep that boundary. Each painting creates moments of tension through its invitation to imagine what lies hidden underneath the delicate surface and through its suggestive physical orientation, all the while maintaining its own unwavering agency.


Living and working in Los Angeles, Samantha McCurdy is a native of Philadelphia and graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Her work has been included in gallery exhibitions in Philadelphia, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York City and she recently completed a site-specific installation at The Standard, Hollywood hotel. McCurdy has previously exhibited with Galleri Urbane at the Dallas Art Fair. In addition to her own practice, Samantha also runs an art space and “intellectual pavilion” called That That, which relocated with her move from Dallas to Los Angeles.