Asor, 2018

Asor, 2018


Donald Martiny

Asor, 2018

Polymer and pigment mounted on aluminum

53h x 28w in.

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Painting from Donald Martiny’s 2018 exhibition Epistrophy.

Artist statement:

I work with paint, color, and form; elements from the history of painting often referring to color or manner of paint application from diverse areas on the art-historical timeline. While I highly value the history of painting I do not feel beholden to it.

My current exploration is in the presence and power of gesture made to exist forever in the present. What I want to happen is for the space between the painting and the viewer to become activated, encouraging the viewer to form a relationship and interact with the work.Beyond an observational viewing experience, I am encouraging engagement and participation with the painting.
By eschewing the ground (canvas or panel) altogether, the painting directly addresses the viewer and relates more dynamically to the space around it.

These massive brushstrokes offer a potent exchange inviting the viewer closer, even inside the work. The intimacy is instantaneous and intensely visceral.

My paintings are not a depiction of an experience, rather they are the experience.

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