Reconfigured  (2019) installation view

Reconfigured (2019) installation view

Christopher Paul Dean


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Artist Statement

Concerned with notions of the familiar and commonplace, it is my objective to create work that simultaneously utilises and disrupts the viewers’ expectations of the familiar. At the core of my practice is an interest in the fragility of experience, and how subtle manipulations of the familiar allows for an elevation in perception.

From my drawings, and paintings of familiar signs, to the works created through a process of deconstructing and reconstructing ready-made materials, each piece of work I create is derived through an inherent need to disrupt function.


Christopher Paul Dean was born an hour north of London in Milton Keynes, England. Dean has an Undergraduate Degree in Contemporary Applied Arts from the University of Hertfordshire (England), and a Masters Degree in Sculpture from The Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta.

Since 2010 Dean has worked as an Artist Assistant in Denmark (Folk Art School, Holbæk), Detroit (Cranbrook Academy of Art), and Mexico (U.S Consulate, Monterrey). Dean also worked in the Exhibitions Department at the SCAD Museum of Art as an Art Preparator where he assisted a whole host of Artists, Curators, and Designers. Dean currently works as full-time assistant to Installation Artist Gabriel Dawe.

Dean has been featured in multiple publications including Artvoices Magazine, a feature in Studio VisitLooking at Painting and 101 Contemporary Artists. Dean has exhibited in numerous locations including London, NYC, ATL and more recently at UNTITLED as part of Art Basel Miami Beach, 2017.

Selected Work